Since 2009 Bwcabus has been highly successful. Achievements in this time include:

  • More than 58,000 customers use the Bwcabus integrated network (including Bwcabus, T1, T5 and 460 services) per month.
  • Bwcabus is helping to sustain the rural economy. A 2013 survey has shown that passengers are spending on average between £10 – £20 each time they are visiting their local towns.
  • Bwcabus has increased bus travel in rural Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion. In total over 170,000 Bwcabus journeys have been completed.
  • The service continues to grow, with Bwcabus passenger growth of +8% in 2015.
  • Since 2009 the strategically important 460 route connecting Carmarthen and cardigan has showed significant and sustained growth. The number of passenger journeys per day on the 460 service has increased by over 50%.
  • Bwcabus is fully integrated with the Traws Cymru and Other Strategic Public Transport Services
  • The service integration is combined with through ticketing to offer seamless travel between Bwcabus services and strategic routes including Traws Cymru routes.
  • Accessibility modelling shows the levels of accessibility to employment have improved significantly. Average journey times to the nearest employment centre have reduced from 52 minutes down to 27 minutes since the introduction of the Bwcabus service.
  • Bwcabus has achieved behavioural change by making public transport more attractive to car users. 48% of respondents surveyed in 2013 reported that they have reduced the number of trips made by car.
  • Bwcabus is internationally recognised. Interest in the Bwcabus pilot has been considerable and has extended across Europe, Wales, and to other regions of the UK.
  • Bwcabus is an award winning service. Bwcabus has won three prestigious awards in recognition of its success.
  • Bwcabus runs 11 fixed timetable services per week. These fixed Bwcabus services offer 50+ return journeys per week in addition to the ability to book demand responsive journeys 6 days per week 7am – 7pm.
  • A 2013 survey of 93 users of the Bwcabus service revealed extraordinarily high customer satisfaction. The results showed that 98 % of passengers are overwhelmingly satisfied with the service overall.
  • Bwcabus has developed a strong brand identity. It is intended that the brand will be consistent with Welsh Government transport branding, including the Traws Cymru service.

[Statistics Last Updated January 2016]