What do people think?

Alison Pimbblet “This is a very good, flexible and affordable service which I would highly recommend.” Read more

Anona Jones “I have nothing but praise for the helpfulness of the drivers and admin staff and would highly recommend the service – whether it’s for travel, work, hospital visits or leisure. I would simply be lost without this vital service and long may it continue.” Read more

Bobby Smyth “I’ve been using the service five days a week. It has been a real lifeline for me” Read more

Cherie Evans “Bwcabus is an excellent service which is punctual, reliable and cost effective with friendly drivers” Read more

Diana McDowell “I would highly recommend Bwcabus and hope it continues, especially to showcase wonderful locations like this and the superb Welsh countryside as a whole.” Read more

Eiddwen Jones “The service is excellent, from the call centre agents to the drivers, there’s no need to ask for more from a service” Read more

Isabella Cook “Bwcabus provides a great, cheap and reliable service and I don’t know what I would do without it!” Read more

Jenny Saxton “The Bwcabus service has changed my life for the better” Read more

John Farrelly “I can’t praise the service enough in helping residents who live in rural locations. I don’t know how I’d manage without it” Read more

Philip Ainsworth “The integrated nature of the timetables means the service is efficient and effective. Read more

Margaret Washer “Bwcabus is wonderful! It has exceeded all my expectations and I am so glad it was piloted in this area as without it I would be lost. Long may it continue!” Read more

Marie Griffiths “There is a great need for such a service to continue operating within rural communities and I would highly recommend it to others” Read more

Mary Jennings “This is a wonderful service and I don’t know what I would do without it!” Read more

Melanie Heath “Without Bwcabus I would no longer be able to keep my current job as I have no other means of transport” Read more

Samantha Boland “Bwcabus is fantastic and it has made a huge difference to rural communities” Read more

Stacey Joy “Without this service, I would lose my job as I would not be able to travel there” Read more