Rising popularity of Carmarthen-Cardigan bus

October 9, 2013

More and more passengers are boarding the 460 Carmarthen – Cardigan- Carmarthen bus service which few bus services about Wales can boast. Increases of above 5% have been recorded in 2011 and 2012 and from January to July this year there are another 5% per cent more passengers.

Year on year passenger growth has seen the 460 Carmarthen – Cardigan- Carmarthen bus service reversing the trend of decline in rural bus use seen in much of Wales. The 460 service is integrated with the popular Bwcabus service.

To assist with the growing passenger demand a new early morning 460 service journey has been added to enable improved travel opportunities for work and leisure. The new departure leaves Carmarthen at 06:25 and arriving in Cardigan at 07:51.

County executive board member for transport services Cllr Colin Evans said: “This magnificent passenger growth of the 460 service is down to the hard work of our transport team and co-operation of both transport providers Richards Brothers and Morris Travel.

“We often have to say to passengers worried about lack of use of their bus to ‘use it or lose it’ because services have economical constraints in these stringent times of reducing subsidies and pressures of operators.

“I am delighted to say the 460 bus users are voting with their feet with more and more boarding the service helping to assure its future.”

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